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Certitude partners with Learning Vault for a digital future

• Certitude Australia partners with Learning Vault to provide secure, verifiable and technology-leading digital credentials and digital certificates.
• Certitude to roll out this latest technology from January 2024
• A partnership that is future-focused on our client’s and individuals’ needs.

Certitude Australia, a leading provider of quality education and training, has announced a new partnership with Learning Vault, a leading global edtech company offering technology solutions for the education and employment sector. Learning Vault’s digital credentialing platform revolutionises the way students receive, validate, and share their qualifications in form of verifiable, digital certificates.

The tradition of receiving paper or pdf certificates to recognise a student’s learning achievements is fast coming to an end. These traditional certificates are easily lost, damaged and can be manipulated to fit job requirements and are therefore hard to prove genuine when presented. This presents a raft of challenges when trying to validate the authenticity of qualifications and achievements.

Certitude’s partnership with Learning Vault will enable us to issue secure, verifiable and machine-readable digital certificates (not pdfs) to students who complete their training and development with our team. These digital certificates will ensure that learners can prove authenticity and validity and allows students to easily share them with employers, educators and other stakeholders. These digital certificates can also be shared on social media (such as LinkedIn), allow students to celebrate and share their development journey with others and gain peer recognition. Overall, this innovative tech solution provides significant benefits to both the students and any potential employers throughout a learner’s lifelong education journey, all while conforming to national and global standards.

Learning Vault is a pioneer in the field of digital credentialing, offering a solution that leverages the latest technology to create a more efficient and transparent system of recognition and verification. Learning Vault’s Digital Credentialing Partnership Executive Chris Pruze said:

“We are thrilled to be able to enable this innovative technology for Certitude Australia. This partnership marks a significant step towards harnessing the power of technology in education and employment. Together, we look forward to unlocking the potential of technology as we embrace a highly skills-based economy.”

Certitude Australia’s director and head of innovation, Chris Blunt, said:

“We are proud to be embarking on this journey with Learning Vault. We feel the supercharged rise in AI coupled with the fast-paced digital economy needs a secure, and therefore a need for verifiable credential that can be offered to our students through our selected programs. We will be rolling this project out in 2024 and we look forward to continuing to provide high-quality outcomes for learners who can stay recognised without the need for paper certificates.”

The partnership will initially cover selected courses offered by Certitude Australia, with plans to expand it to more programs in the future. Students who enroll in these courses will benefit from having a digital certificate that can be easily accessed, verified and shared online, as well as being recognised by employers and educators around the world.

Certitude Australia and Learning Vault are committed to providing innovative and future-focused solutions that enhance the learning experience and outcomes for students. By partnering with Learning Vault, Certitude Australia is taking a bold step towards transforming the way education and training is delivered and recognised