Industry Insights

Data-driven trends in Change Management

We need compelling data to capture the interest of busy executives, so an annual survey has been commissioned, completed by heads of change and transformation from around the world.

This webinar summarizes the data from their responses, giving us comparative data on how well other organizations are building their capability for change, which we hope inspires our organizations to do more!

Presenter Melanie Franklin used insight from an annual survey of heads of change and transformation around the world to present latest key trends.

Exploring how change affects, and is affected by, individuals, teams, organizations and change leaders, and discover theories and techniques to plan, manage and implement change more effectively

You’ll hear what types of change organizations are commissioning and what elements of best practice are in place, and what are missing. We look at trends across countries and industries, with unique insight from neuroscience about not only what people think they are doing, but also how confident they feel

about what they have done.