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The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook V2 aims to help practitioners and organisations achieve success in delivering change and to develop change management maturity within their organisations.

Practical tools and techniques to implement change
Selected as the Management Challenge book of the month by the CMI Book Club this 5 star guide has been named ‘exceptional’ and a ‘must read’ for any manager or leader.

It is a powerful learning resource which will support trainers and academics in teaching change management and in developing highly-effective change managers. It takes a practical approach to the subject as it covers all aspects of change management theory and practice. This includes benefits management, stakeholder strategy, facilitation, change readiness, managing resistance, project management, and education and learning support. The book has been written by a team of highly-experienced change practitioners, each with a special interest in the facet of change management on which she or he has written. Presenting the whole change process, from idea to implementation, The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook offers practical tools, techniques and models relevant to any change initiative.

Key Features

  • Equips individuals with knowledge, theories, and techniques to effectively plan and implement successful change initiatives.
  • Draw from a range of professional approaches to implement change smoothly and effectively.
  • Can aid in speed up the implementation of change initiatives.

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Hardcopy Textbook: The Change Management Handbook V2