Agile-Hybrid Project Management

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In the past ten years, the Waterfall project management approach was considered too restrictive and not able to handle rapid market changes. Everybody thought the Agile method with its lean approach would solve all the waterfall problems. After all, the majority of the projects would cost more and finish later than planned.

“Hybrid project management” refers to methods that combine planning strategies from the traditional Waterfall project management environment with the Agile methodology’s flexible approach. The Agile-Hybrid Project Management Methodology works to deliver workable business solutions, in a fraction of the time that other project management approaches can deliver. Time to market with robust and workable operational solutions is the essence of today’s organizations. Whether you are from a small, or large sized business, private or public sector, then the Agile-Hybrid Project Management way is for you.

This course will bring you the best of both worlds – the flexibility of Agile without losing discipline and control. It provides participants with an understanding of how the Agile-Hybrid Project Management approach can guide the planning, management and control of successful projects.

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