Case Study

Commercial and Procurement Support

Department of Defence

Defence industry has some of the largest and most complex projects in the nation.  Certitude provides certainty in procurement management with global effect

Department of Defence – Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG), through a Major Service Provider (MSP)

Period: 2022- ongoing

Services: Commercial and Procurement Resourcing

CASG is an organisation within the Department of Defence that is responsible for the acquisition and support of almost all for the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) equipment, systems and assets. With over 7000 staff, the group is considered the largest project management organisation in Australia.

In order to deliver these projects and provide support services to the ADF, CASG relies on variety of team members that have experience and high levels of competence in commercial and procurement management. This includes specialists that have the capabilities to oversee procurement from foreign governments.


Highlights / Outcomes
  • Administered over $150M in acquisition funding and activities.
  • Establishes several ‘Whole of Department’ contracts/arrangements.
  • Worked both embedded in the client’s organisation and remotely.
  • Assisted in managing the department’s obligations in international programs.
  • Created and oversaw the central interface between the Australian users of the systems and the international suppliers.


Certitude’s Role

Certitude’s team have been engaged by CASG for several years to provide niche procurement management of a number of several activities, including a number of procurements and arrangements with other foreign governments.

Our team of highly skilled experts work closely with CASG to management process proceurement activities to a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.