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Defence and Defence Industry – Upskilling Programs

Department of Defence & Defence Industry

Defence industry has some of the largest and most complex projects in the nation.  Certitude has provided key upskill opportunities for various defence industry clients. 

Department of Defence and Defence Industry

Period: 2022- ongoing

Services: Training and Development

The Department of Defence and its industry participants (suppliers) have a significant role in the effective and efficient delivery of some of the nation’s largest and most complex projects. This means there is a corresponding demand for a workforce of highly skilled, motivated, and capable individuals.

In today’s environment, organisations need to invest in developing their internal team to increase retention and contribute to a more productive and positive workforce.

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Highlights / Outcomes
  • Development of tailored and customised programs that immerses the learner in real life workplace scenarios and examples
  • Exceptionally high student satisfaction rates (>95%)
  • Trainers with extensive Defence subject matter expertise
  • Online Learner Portal that is supporting students through their learning journey


Certitude’s Role

Certitude is working with Defence and several members of its industry partners to provide development programs across a range of disciplines. Courses ranging from short workshops to multi-day development programs are helping Defence’s workforce to gain the skills and knowledge it needs to deliver on the Government’s plans.