Case Study

Liverpool Project Management Framework Peer Review

Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council

Period: May- July 2023

Services: Advisory, Project Management Consulting, Strategic Services, Review

The Liverpool Local Government Area (LGA) consists of 42 suburbs and is one of the fastest growing regions in Sydney. Experiencing substantial growth from urban release development and from redevelopment in established areas, its population is expected to almost double to more than 320,000 by 2040.

With a rapidly increasing population the construction of Western Sydney International Airport and the development of Liverpool’s city centre as an innovative health, education and lifestyle precinct, the Council is undergoing significant change, investment and growth.


Highlights / Outcomes
  • Certitude identified 10 recommendations to improve the current PMF and achieve its goals of simplicity, ease of adoption and completeness. The 10 recommendations were fully endorsed and supported by the Council.
  • Major improvements were made to the project templates supporting projects. This included a better fit for purpose (to suit project complexities) and improved guidance.
  • Guidance to support the implementation was provided to Council including improvements to the overall PMF look and feel.
  • The PM framework was subsequently launched by the Council successfully and continues to see a growing number of projects managed utilising a consistent organisational approach.


Certitude’s Role

Certitude was engaged to undertake a peer review of the Project Management Framework (PMF). The review was focused on 4 key aspects:

  1. The completeness of the framework
  2. Simplicity of the framework, particularly to minimise duplication;
  3. Ease of adoption, including supporting processes and guidelines; and
  4. The PMF’s look and feel.

The review incorporated recommendations to both improve the current PMF templates and processes, in addition to an implementation strategy to support adoption.